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And God said, Let there be light:
and there was light (Genesis 1:3, KJV).
There was a loaf of bread.
Then someone introduced sliced bread.
Somebody invented the wheel.
Now we all drive cars.
The Wright brothers built a flying machine.
Now the skies are full of planes.
The Russians launched their Sputnik.
The Americans went to the moon.
There were garage sales.
Now we have eBay.
Word of mouth has been with us forever.
Now we have Word of Mouth Pages.

Fasten Your Seat Belts!

Word of Mouth Pages is an online service directory that brings good customers and responsible service providers together.

If you're a responsible repairman who wants good customers, Word of Mouth Pages is for you.

The Word of Mouth Pages advertiser can register more than one company and then choose multiple categories—no limit. What a deal! Then we provide a cross search so a user will have a complete listing of service providers, who want his job.

Not Just Anyone Qualifies

If you're accepted as a Preferred Kontractor, you can move toward the top of the listing. For additional information, read Directory Ranking.

At this moment, your company is probably already listed as an Entry Level (free) Advertiser.

We want to provide every encouragement for you to be a highly visible, fully participating Preferred Kontractor. Some keystrokes and a few bucks can work wonders: Advertise With Us.

Do It Now!

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p.s. Even if you're content with free advertising, it would be wise to register. Once registered, you can select multiple listing categories, revise your listing information, etc. etc. etc.: Contractor Registration.

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