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Word of Mouth Pages User Agreement

Dr. Kool's Word of Mouth Pages is a unique online combination: service directory, bulletin board, and professional advice—presented in an atmosphere of good will and humor. The Preferred Kontractor list is the centerpiece of the website.

We want Word of Mouth Pages to be "the sharpest tool in the shed," but it's just a tool, and it's not the only one. We will help you improve your business relationships, but ultimately the success of any transaction depends on you and your trading partner.

Revision of Company Policy

We reserve the right, without notice, to modify both our User Agreement and/or Privacy Policy in response to unforeseen or changing circumstances.

General Conditions of Use

The following describes the terms that must be accepted if one is to be a Word of Mouth Pages user or advertiser:

Denial of Liability

Word of Mouth Pages does not accept any liability whatsoever for any damages, including incidental and consequential, resulting from the use of this website or from the content therein.

We provide paid and free directory listings, but disavow responsibility for business transactions resulting from those listings. In no way do we guarantee the success of any repair or service event, agreement, or venture.

Our articles provide professional advice and suggestions, but we accept no responsibility for the accuracy of the information, how the information is used, or the result.

We provide a bulletin board where Kustomers can leave feedback on their transactions. If you hire a contractor/repairman, you are encouraged to leave feedback. Third party (observers) are prohibited from leaving feedback. All feedback is the sole responsibility of the writer.

Word of Mouth Pages does not predict the quality of the work or guarantee customer satisfaction. At our discretion, we may choose to investigate the quality of work performed by a listed service company, but we are under no obligation to do so. If we offer to mediate, neither party is obligated to follow our advice.

Only registered members are allowed access to our Kool Kommunity Bulletin Board. There is to be no third party posting. You are not allowed to search the bulletin board on behalf of a non-member.

Profile information supplied by individual providers is between the company and the user. It's the user's responsibility to verify such information.

Regarding website operational accuracy—system failure, downtime, or links—we offer no guarantee other than possible refund of fees to paid advertisers.

Word of Mouth Pages Authority

Everyone who advertises in the Word of Mouth Pages Service Directory accepts our authority. All applications are subject to Word of Mouth Pages approval. This applies to both Entry Level (free) and Preferred Kontractor (paid) Advertising.

Preferred Kontractor advertising is more discriminating, but most lower level advertisers will be accepted. To maintain the koolness of our directory, any listing may be refused, suspended, or rescinded at any time at the sole discretion of Word of Mouth Pages.

Each advertiser assumes complete responsibility should Word of Mouth Pages choose to refuse, suspend, or rescind his listing. Word of Mouth Pages offers a pro rata refund of advertising funds, but that is the limit of our liability.

Advertising Boundaries

Preferred Kontractor Advertising is reserved for contractors who do quality work at a reasonable price, and pay Word of Mouth Pages a reasonable advertising fee.

Kustomers can Leave feedback on both Kontractors and free advertisers.

We welcome companies that build, install, service, or repair. That includes, for example, house cleaning, tax preparation, supply houses, and rental companies. (Oil field is not included.)

Major retailers can advertise as a supplier or for rentals, but not for subcontracted services. Our goal is personal service, and we feel service companies are better equipped to do that.

General Contractors are welcome with the understanding that follows: They will advertise as general contractors and in categories only within their area of expertise. A general contractor, for example, cannot advertise that he does AC repair unless he has a licensed AC repairman on his payroll.

This is not to limit what a general contractor does, only how he advertises in Word of Mouth Pages. "Why?" You ask. For repairs or a stand-alone installation, a customer may take bids from both a general and a regular contractor, and we choose not to be a party to that.

We do not accept advertising from manufacturers. That is not our purpose. We welcome, for example, the AC contractor and the supply house, but not the AC manufacturer.

We choose not to list real estate, insurance, legal, medical, dental, social, beauty, or animal services.


Our sole source of income is from paid advertisers we call Preferred Kontractors. We offer a revolving 30 day contract which means a 30 day notice is required for cancellation of a listing.

As a service to our users, we provide a complete service directory and that includes many free listings. Where there are errors or omissions in either paid or free listings, we offer but two remedies: (1) Correction of the error, and (2) Pro rata refunds for paid listings. Errors must be reported within 30 days.

All advertisers, whether free or paid, accept the entire responsibility for customer/contractor business dealings and interactions that arise from having been listed in the Word of Mouth Pages service directory.

Private Registration Information

Kontractors are required to guard private Kustomer information as we guard it. See Privacy Policy.

Integrity of the Website

Our website is to be used consistently with its intended purpose. The user agrees not subvert the website for the purpose of soliciting or gathering e-mail data.

We are not responsible for the content of third party links or for e-commerce associated with that third party.

The user agrees not to corrupt the website, access the server, overload the database functionality, or in any way interfere with the use of the website by others.

Articles published on the website are copyrighted. They may be printed in limited numbers, and used internally. Other uses require permission of the author.

Kustomer Feedback (Registration and Log In required)

  • You must be the one who hired the repairman.
  • Positive feedback is what makes the program work.
  • Negative feedback is a necessary evil.
  • File promptly.
  • Please leave feedback only once per job.
  • Please follow the guidelines given in Leaving Feedback.
  • Your name will be hidden except from the service company.
  • If you work for, are in competition with, or in any way related to a company, you are not allowed to leave feedback.

Responding to Kustomer Feedback (registration required)

  • All advertisers—entry level or paid—can access feedback.
  • Log In is required to view or respond to feedback.
  • Respond promptly, and with a positive attitude.
  • Thank your customer for his confidence.

Have a Kool Day,

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