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Privacy Policy

When you complete our registration forms, required fields are marked "*". We absolutely must have this information for you to use our services. Other information is optional. Let me give examples.

Kool Kustomer Registration

We must have your full name, but your spouse's name is optional. We must have your home phone number, but five other phone numbers can be supplied if you'd like to automate the repair procedure.

Through the website, a Kustomer can e-mail, to the Kool Kontractor of his choice, his Request for Service. He can give a brief description of his problem, and then send the e-mail. This will automatically forward his name, address, and all the phone numbers at which he might be reached. There will also be a link that will map from a Kontractor's shop to a Kustomer's home.

A Kustomer can send the same Request for Service form to any repairman, registered or not. All he needs is an e-mail address.

Some contractors will print the e-mail message, write in some notes, and use the page as a work order from which to schedule the job.

You're the Boss

We use the information you provide for administrative purposes. The Kontractor to whom you send your registration information will use your data to provide the service you request. That's it! No other party will have access to your private information. But that's not all: let me explain.

We guard your e-mail address carefully. Each Kontractor has an unlisted e-mail address. A "Quick Search" or "Kool Search" takes you to two lists. The first list is for paid advertisers. To send a message, go to the bottom line, and click on e-mail. Your message is routed through Word of Mouth Pages. If you want a reply, you will need to supply your e-mail address. Is that Kool or what?

Private Registration Information

Kontractors are required to guard private Kustomer information as we guard it.

Contractor Registration

We respect Contractor/Kontractor registration information, and guard it accordingly. We ask for information we need to conduct business, and then use it accordingly.

Update My Info

For both Kustomer and Contractor, we provide the means for you to quickly and easily update your personal data. When you update your contact or business information, the system automatically adjusts the data. And that includes each Kustomer's "My Directory." Yellow Pages listings are set in concrete for a year. Word of Mouth Pages listings are dynamic and subject to your control.

Have We Missed Anything?

If there's something we need to know, contact us. We'll update our Privacy Policy as needed.

Privacy is Golden,

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